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More than 20 years at your service.

Looking for specialists in tree logging and pruning in Ottawa/Gatineau valley?

From one tree to larger and more complex projects, our trained team has the experience and dedication to make sure you save time, money, and peace of mind.  Our team offers its expertise for all your arboreal works: from logging to the felling of sick or dangerous trees to grubbing, we have seen it all.



One or more trees are annoying or dangerous? Whatever the size of the tree to be felled, our team can take care of it. We also guarantee you a safe intervention for your house, fence, pool and wires.


Are the branches of your trees dangerously close to electrical wires or maybe your windows? Pruning involves pruning the branches and sometimes the top of a tree to promote the growth of foliage or if the branches are threatening threads or property.


We can get rid of cumbersome stumps without any worries. Mechanical grubbing such as shredding or trimming is preferable to avoid the use of chemicals and protect the environment. (especially for groundwater)


Do you want to redevelop your land? Do you have a construction project? Our experienced team, the machinery and the work ethic that you need! Let us clear your land of the trees you want to get rid of.

Hedge Trimming

The art of size is acquired with time and practice. A careful and specific size for each species of tree or shrub makes it possible not only to keep the plant in good shape and health, but also to highlight the beauty of its natural port.

Equipement Rental

  • Chainsaws.

  • Shredders.

  • Excavators.



"Your services have lived up to our expectations and we are extremely satisfied with every point of view - punctual, polite, clean and meticulous - we could not ask for more."

- Jeff D, Gatineau

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